Tuesday, 31 May 2016


The desire of every individual is to have a beautiful, clean and spotless skin. In pursuit of such desire, a lot of people have made use of several cosmetic products, but they end up not having a permanent spotless and shiny skins.

The truth is that most of the cosmetic products we use only help in giving our skins shiny looks temporarily, while others end up causing a lot of effects to the users. If you really want to have a glowing and spotless skin, below are some of the foods that will naturally give you a clear and clean skin.

  1. Avocados: 
    The fruit of Avocado contains high levels of Vitamin B that makes the skin smooth and also help in the treatment of skin problems. You can either add it to your diet or can use it as a facial rub with other natural ingredients.
  2. Berries: 
    Vitamin C is also essential for skin and berries are unarguably good sources of it. Whether strawberry or blackberry, all of them assist in building up collagen fibers and consequently keep the skin young.
  3. Cottage Cheese: 
    Cottage Cheese is rich in Vitamin E and Selenium which is added to most of the whitening creams or other cosmetic products we use. Vitamin E along with Selenium fights free radicals which are insidious to the skin.
  4. Almonds: 
    Almonds contain fatty acids that help in retaining of water in the body and also maintain the fresh and shiny look of our body and facial skin. 
  5. Potatoes: 
    Potatoes contain high levels of Zinc, Vitamin and Copper which nurture the skin by creating more elastin and consequently make the skin stay vibrant.
  6. Flax Seed: 
    Flax seed oil is a good alternative to fish and other foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help in keeping the body hydrated and also they help in fighting acne.
  7. Yogurt
    Dairy products like yogurt are rich in proteins, they help in keeping the skin elastic and firm. Perhaps you don't know, but the truth is that, Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein contained by simple yogurt and it is thus more effective.
  8. Peppers: 
    Peppers do not only add flavor to your food or make your foods so spicy, they also fight wrinkles and crow’s feet that occur below the eyes of an individual. All kinds of peppers contain antioxidants in form of carotenoids, these antioxidants help in maintaining one's skin’s natural texture and gives it a shiny look as well.
In addition, one should ensure he or she hydrates his or her body often. Every individual seeking for a clear and clean skin should be able to take at least six glasses of water on a daily basis. Regular hydration also helps in fighting dryness of the skin.

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